FormViewer Interface

DWKitFormViewer is component which displays forms created in DWKitFormBuilder for debugging. FormViewer interface has the following appearance:

Form Viewer

Its control elements have the following functions:

  1. Form upload from JSON file.
  2. Downloading form layout as JSON file.
  3. The form

Elements 4 - 10 are control of the form.

  1. The panel shows data for the form.
  2. The panel shows errors for the form.
  3. The panel shows model for the form.
  4. The panel shows events from the form.

DWKitFormViewer component

import {DWKitFormViewer} from "./scripts/optimajet-builder.js";
    eventFunc={(obj, p) => {
    eventErrFunc={(obj, message) => {
    getFormFunc={(name) => {


# Name Type Comment
1 model JSON or Object Form description
2 data JSON or Object Form data
3 modelurl string Form request URL
4 dataurl string Data request URL
5 errors Object Object containing form errors
6 eventFunc function (obj, p) { ... } Handling form events.
7 eventErrFunc function(obj, message){ … } Handling form errors.
8 getFormFunc function(name){ ... } Callback function for getting source form by name
9 downloadUrl string The url for downloading files. Use for controls which operate files
10 uploadUrl string The url for uploading files. Use for controls which operate files.
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